Established in the 30th year of the Meiji era,
Tamura shochu remains unchanged

Pioneering the black malted rice shochu boom, we have long crafted select shochu, beginning with “Jun Kuro”—our sweet potato shochu that popularized the beverage throughout Japan.

Tamura’s shochu has long been loved and consumed locally.
We continue to craft and offer truly excellent shochu with emphasis on value and quality for everyone to enjoy.

Using only the finest sweet potatoes cultivated in the local region of Yamakawa, we craft our shochu in an urn possessing over one hundred years of history.

Since our establishment in 1897, we have kept the tradition of brewing our shochu in an urn passed down for generations. This urn has been diligently preserving and safeguarding Tamura shochu for over one hundred years.


Jun Kuro Shochu is a local product crafted from Kagoshima rice, malt, and Satsuma sweet potatoes. It represents Tamura with pride and grit.
Its history dates back to 1705 during the Edo era when sweet potatoes were brought from Okinawa to Kagoshima, where cultivation became regular. This change was revolutionary to alcoholic beverages produced in Kagoshima; until then, average civilians drank distilled drinks made from grains—millet, wheat, and rice—while rice-brewed sake and other liquors were enjoyed by the upper class. When the sweet potato became a common fixture, it also became a basic staple ingredient for beverages, and sweet potato shochu began being produced throughout Kagoshima.

Product Information


The Kuro revolution and the spark that ignited the shochu boom


An inherited legacy of traditional shochu with a lingering taste of white malted rice

甕仕込み 純黒

Shochu brewed using traditional methods in an urn carrying a history of over one hundred years

甕仕込み 鷲尾

Light enough to take flight, this shochu brings new innovation to Satsuma

無濾過 純黒

Freshly brewed shochu that began as an indulgence of the distillery

無濾過 薩摩乃薫

The shochu that still charms locals, just as it did when our story first began

甕仕込み 純黒 原酒

The shochu that cannot be boxed into an age or time


Made from red Satsuma sweet potatoes, this shochu possesses a distinctly sweet flavor

古酒 紅鶴

Our preserved aged shochu, refined over time—sweet with depth

About Us

Since our establishment in 1897, we have focused solely on crafting sweet potato shochu
Tamura General Partnership is located at the southeastern tip of the Satsuma Peninsula, two hours from Kagoshima Airport by car and about 80 minutes from Kagoshima City by either car or train. The warehouse is a two minute walk from JR Yamakawa Station—the southernmost manned station in Japan.
The brewery has brewed only sweet potato shochu since 1897 by the sea. Yamakawa Port sits in front of the brewery.


Company Tamura General Partnership (Tamura Gomei)
Address 7351-2 Yamagawa Narikawa, Ibusuki-shi, Kagoshima-ken 891-0516 Japan
Contact information TEL +81-993-34-0057 FAX +81-993-34-0057
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